Taurus & Cancer—Freaky

As couple, the Taurus man and Cancer woman is perfect match for each other. He will find great interest in her imagination while she will find her new ways of romancing enchanting. Since both are emotional they will fulfill each others need with loyalty and appreciation.

Taurus man craves for a warm and cuddly home and Cancer woman will be always there to provide it. On the other hand she gets her much needed security in the arms of Taurus man. A few hiccups here and there could arise but that will not matter at all as both will be devoted to each other.

Imaginative nature and creativeness of Cancer woman will be loved by the Taurus man. Both desire for a private love zone and will be able to provide the partner with the same. Only moments of discomfort in the relationship could be when he tries to control things that she might dislike.

Once the two are able to overcome such feelings, the relationship will be highly compatible and also enhanced substantially by the composed ambiance that both Taurus man and Cancer woman has. It will feel their life with many exotic moments and will bring up wonders in their simple life styles.

Since both are able to make friends quite easily, these common appreciable attitude will bring the two closer to each other. Again both of them despise busy life and are involved in their own world ignoring everything that is happening outside it.

A great chemistry exists between Taurus man and Cancer woman with a very strong emotional bond keeping them closer to each other. Both are sensitive and highly responsive and constitute a pair of home birds with Taurus craving for warm home and Cancer providing it happily. On the other hand Cancer woman seeks security that the Taurus man will only be too happy to extend.

Life of the duo would be full of romance, love, passion, and loyalty; and a smooth sailing to say the least.


These two signs together bring out the best in each other.  They can make wonderful marriage or business partners.  The most common interest they possess is soft considerations, emotional rapport, give and take with loads of compatible understanding.

Earth ( Taurus ) blends extremely well with water ( Cancer ).  The home base and the emotional, as well as financial security it provides, are most important to both of these individuals.  Taurus, as well as Cancer, loves home cooked meals, gardening, and family security.  They would make the best Mom and Pop ever!  Taurus and Cancer are providers and protectors for sure.  Their love natures are extremely complimentary, being appreciative and considerate.  This all sounds down right homey, emotional and romantic, doesn’t it?

Both individuals are sensitive to taste and touch.  Cancer finds emotional security in the earthy comfort Taurus supplies.  Taurus appreciates the emotional nurturing instincts of the Cancer.

A well-stocked cupboard makes a Cancer happy.  A well-stuffed wallet or bank account pleases a Taurus.  These two signs feel very deeply on an emotional level and will seldom argue.  On occasion, Taurus may pout, but Cancer possesses a receptive nature that will pick up on the troubled bull right away, soothing the upset with its mothering tenderness.  Food may be used as a piece offering during infrequent spats.  The best way to a Taurus’ heart is definitely through their stomach, and the Cancers’ natural knack for cooking should pose no problems in that department.  Taurus loves to be waited on and Cancer loves to be the waiter/waitress.

Cancer men want a woman who will nurture them, cook and take care of all their physical comforts.  Taurus men need a mate who is loyal, domesticated and loving.

Taurus women are seeking the promise of financial security, or one who shows promise of establishing the same in return.  Taurus requires a mate who is gentle with to the touch, soft and sensual.  Cancer women search for a mate who will protect her and treat her gently.  Romance is pursued in a touching and feeling mode for the Taurus, yet they can be too vulnerable or naïve when aroused.  Cancer seeks out one who is nderstanding of their needs and won’t mind being mothered.

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